Tours from Cairo

Many travelers prefer to travel whenever they want, without preparing ahead of time, and they always land at the country’s capital city. Have you arrived in Cairo and wish to take tours from Cairo to all of Egypt’s major attractions? We’ve planned trips from Cairo to all of Egypt’s major cities, including the Pyramids, Sphinx, Antiquities Museums, Karnak Holy Temple Complex, Valley of Kings, and Abu Simbel Temple, as well as Red Sea resorts. Tours from Cairo to Luxor, Aswan, and Nile Cruises from Cairo in Upper Egypt, as well as travels to Saint Catherine in Sinai and spectacular Desert Safari Camping holidays from Cairo, have all been designed by our tour operators and designers.

Recommended Trips and Tours from Cairo:

  1. Full-day tours to Giza Pyramids and Sphinx
  2. Half-day tours to Giza Pyramids and Sphinx
  3. Half-Day tours to Saqqara and Memphis
  4. Full-day tours to Saqqara and Memphis
  5. Half-Day Tour to Saqqara and Dahshur Pyramids
  6. Half-day to Memphis tours and Dahshur Pyramids
  7. Full-day trip to El-Fayoum oasis and Wadi El-Hitan
  8. Overnight Trip to El-Fayum oasis and The magic lake
  9. Overnight Trip to Wadi El-Hitan and Lake Qarun
  10. The overnight camping trip to the White Desert from Cairo
  11. Luxor Sightseeing Tours
  12. Abu Simbel Temple s tours from Cairo by flight
  13. Nile Cruise Luxor and Aswan Tours for 3 or 4 nights
  14. Overnight Trip to Tel Amarna from Cairo
Cairo Day Trip