Cairo Tours and Desert Safari

Cairo Tours and Desert Safari

Cairo Tours and Desert Safari

Cairo Tours and Desert Safari

Cairo Top Attractions and Desert Safari Camping

Enjoy Cairo Tours and desert Safari trips from Cairo. In addition to Cairo Tours, from this magical city, travelers can go on trips to many other cities. You can easily spend your vacations in Cairo, enjoy visiting the Pyramids, Sphinx, Grand Egyptian Museum, Islamic Cairo, Coptic Cairo, and Khan El Khalili. You can also travel from Cairo to Alexandria to spend a day exploring the city’s landmarks such as the Citadel of Qaitbay and the Roman Theatre. From Cairo, desert safari trips and camping in the White Desert also begin.
Our Package of 6 Days Cairo and Desert Safari has it all covered. You also don’t need to bear the trouble of searching for a hotel that suits you and your family or friends, because this trip includes staying in the best luxury hotels.

Area attractions of Cairo Tours and Desert safari Package

Cairo Attractions

  1. Cairo Attractions:
  2. Giza Pyramids & Sphinx
  3. Saqqara Pyramids & Imhotep Museum
  4. Memphis ancient city & Museum
  5. National Museum of Egyptian Civilization
  6. Egyptian Antiquities Museum
  7. Grand Egyptian Museum
  8. Islamic Cairo
  9. Coptic Cairo
  10. Citadel of Saladin
  11. Khan El-Khalili Tourist Bazaar

Bahariya Oasis Attractions:

  1. Bawiti City Center
  2. The Black Desert
  3. The Magic Spring
  4. The Crystal mountains
  5. The Agabat rocky mountains
  6. The Old White Desert
  7. The New White Desert
  8. The Golden Mummies Museum
  9. The Tombs of the 26th Dynasty
  10. Alexander the Great’s Temple
  11. The English mountain

Please note: The package includes most of the attractions mentioned above, however, we might need to remove, add, or modify some visits to match any possible authority limitations and local circumstances.

6 Days Cairo Tours & Desert Safari Itinerary:

What to Pack

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