In the Footsteps of Jesus

In the Footsteps of Jesus

In the Footsteps of Jesus

In the Footsteps of Jesus

In the footsteps of Jesus and the Holy Family around Egypt. Visit the Christian sites and spots where the Virgin, Joseph, and Jesus went to in Egypt. Explore Cairo’s attractions at the beginning following the route of the Holy trip, and then continue to simulate the same route up the Nile that the Holy Family took in their trip to Egypt. We did not forget to add the admirable iconic sites of ancient Egypt such as the Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum in Cairo and Nile cruise experience majestic attractions from Luxor to Aswan for 5 days.

The Tour Package is very important for Christians and Christianity lovers. As you may already know, Egypt is one of the earliest countries to follow Christ and believe in the Bible, and still, a large portion of the Egyptian people is Christian AKA Coptic. The origin of the word Coptic is Kmt which is the hieroglyphic name of Egypt. Over years the word was transformed into Gpt and Kpt, and those two words are the origin of the word Egypt and Copt referring to the same thing which is the black land of Egypt.

Before proceeding to the “In The Footsteps of Jesus” itinerary, here is a list of Egypt attractions

Cairo Attractions: Giza Pyramids & Sphinx Saqqara Pyramids & Imhotep Museum Memphis ancient city & Museum National Museum of Egyptian Civilization Egyptian Antiquities Museum Grand Egyptian Museum Islamic Cairo Coptic Cairo Citadel of Saladin Khan El-Khalili Tourist Bazaar
Luxor Attractions: Karnak Temples Luxor Temple Luxor Museum Valley of the Kings Valley of the Queens The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut The Colossi of Memnon Tempe of Madinat Habu
Aswan Attractions: Phiale Temple Abu Simbel Temples The Unfinished obelisk The Hight Dam Elephantine Island The Nubian Village Kitchener’s Botanical Island
Alexandria Attractions: Catacombs of Kom El-Shokafa The Roman Amphitheater Pompey’s Pillar The fort of Qaitbay Abul Abbas Mosque The Bibliotheca of Alexandria

In the footsteps of Jesus Itinerary:



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