Luxury Egypt: 10 days and 9 nights High-end journey to Cairo and the Nile

Explore Egypt’s Wonders in 10 Days 9 Nights Luxury Tour Package

In the heart of Egypt, where the ancient wonders that ignite the heart and spirit will be the loveliest dream of beauty and wonder, the perfect journey awaits you. While gazing at the extraordinary structures and phenomenal artifacts that date back over 4000 years ago, you will discover the history and legacy of incredible cities such as Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and the city resort of the Red Sea Hurghada, which will put a smile on your face that will last an eternal life. Check out the trip schedule and submit us a request for our 10-day luxury holiday in Egypt, which includes a Nile cruise as well as visits to the major Egypt sites.

Duration10 Days / 9 Nights
Tour LocationCairo / Giza / Luxor / Edfu / Kom Ombo / Aswan / Cairo
Tour AvailabilityEveryday
Pickup & Drop OffCairo Airport
 Tour TypePrivate

Tour Highlights

  • We go to the Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • We find Saqqara’s ancient necropolis.
  • We go off the usual path to see the graves of Mihu, The Butchers, and The Two Brothers.
  • We make a visit to Cairo’s oldest mosque, the Ibn Tulun Mosque.
  • We go through the hidden alleyways of Old Islamic Cairo and visit the local market.
  • We will visit the ancient city of Thebes and immerse you in its spectacular treasures.
  • The Valley of the Kings and King Tutankhamun’s Tomb captivate us with their vibrant hues.
  • For four nights, we sail up the Nile on a luxurious cruise.
  • We appreciate cruising down the Nile in a private Felluca at sunset while sipping a glass of sparkling wine.
  • The magnificent temple of Abu Simbel will wow your eyes.
  • In Aswan, immerse yourself in the unique culture of the Nubians.
  • You ascend to the magnificent off-the-beaten-path Nobel tombs in Aswan.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival at Cairo Airport:
Arrive at Cairo International Airport. Our meet-and-assist service will transport you right before the border control and will assist you through the security area, luggage claim, and customs. Then, our agent will take you to your Cairo hotel with a view of the Nile.
Day 2: Grand Egyptian Museum/Giza Pyramids:
Visit the Grand Egyptian Museum, the world’s biggest museum dedicated to a single civilization. You will come face to face with King Tutankhamun’s Golden Mask. The number of gems and antiques housed in this museum will astound you.
Visit the Giza Pyramids, the sole remaining marvel of the Seven Wonders of the World, after lunch at a local genuine restaurant. Ride a camel out in the desert to get a bird’s-eye view of the pyramids. Then, stand in front of the towering Sphinx, a lion’s power combined with human wisdom. Enjoy your complimentary supper at one of Cairo Day Trip’s recommended local eateries.
(B, L, D)
Day 3: Saqqara/Islamic Cairo:
Begin your day by seeing Saqqara, Memphis’ necropolis and home of the step pyramid, the world’s first limestone building. Explore the colorful tombs that date back 4350 years. Discover the ancient Hieroglyphics that have been carved on the walls of a pyramid for thousands of years. Your trip will take you to The Tomb of Mihu, The Tomb of the Butchers, and The Two Brothers, all of which are off the main path.
After lunch, go to the Ibn Tulun Mosque. The second oldest mosque in Cairo, with an extraordinary distinctive design that has survived in its original form. You may even climb the minaret for a panoramic view of the entire ancient section of town.
Wrap off your day by strolling through Islamic Cairo’s ancient alleys; visit El Muizz Street, an open-air museum rich with medieval architectural marvels and treasures; and explore the twisting lanes of the famed Khan El Khalili market, the district’s main souk.
(B, L)
Day 4: Luxor / Cruise:
Fly to Luxor early in the morning to begin your luxury cruise. Visit the Temple of Karnak, the greatest religious structure ever created for a deity in human history. The temple is devoted to Amon Ra, Ancient Egypt’s primary creation god. During your journey to the Karnak temple, you will go off the main path and see the Opet festival temple and the beautiful temple of Khonsu, two hidden jewels that are rarely visited by tourists.
Then, pay a visit to the Luxor Temple, which was primarily erected by King Ramses the Second.
Check into your cruise ship and spend the night.
(B, L, D)
Day 5: Luxor / Cruise:
Begin your day by exploring the Valley of the Kings, which is hidden behind the mountains on the Nile’s west bank. Enter King Tutankhamun’s tomb and stand in front of his mummy face to face. Your trip will also provide entry to Ramses VI, one of the King’s Valley’s most colorful tombs. Then go off the main path to Dra Abu El Naga, where the intricacies in the tombs of Roy and Shoury will astound you. Visit Hatshepsut’s temple, which was dedicated to the only female Pharaoh who governed Egypt as a monarch. Make a picture stop at Memnon’s massive colossi. Set sail up the Nile to the town of Edfu after lunch.
(B, L, and D)
Day 6: Edfu / Kom Ombo / Cruise:
After breakfast, you’ll ride in a horse-drawn carriage to Edfu’s Horus Temple, the world’s most complete ancient temple. Sail to Kom Ombo Temple, which is devoted to the gods of the crocodile and falcon. See crocodile mummies that are thousands of years old at the Crocodile Mummification Museum. (B, L, and D)
Day 7: Abu Simbel / Cruise:
Travel for three hours to Abu Simbel temple on Egypt’s southern border after breakfast on board. Two enormous rock temples built to King Ramses II and his wife Nefertari may be seen on this location. Return to Aswan, have lunch on-board the cruise and finish your day with a renowned Felucca sailboat ride down the Nile while sipping sparkling wine at night.
(B, L, and D)
Day 8: Aswan / Hotel:
Disembark from your cruise after breakfast. Your guide will take you to the Nobles’ Tombs in Aswan today, and then you will have a peaceful walk on Lord Kitchener Island. Take a motorboat up to the Cataract, wander through the off-the-beaten-path Nubian town of Elephantine, and have a traditional Nubian meal. After lunch, check in and relax at your Aswan hotel before relaxing for the night.
(B, L)
Day 9: Aswan / Cairo:
After breakfast, check out and head to Philae to see Isis’s temple, which is dedicated to the goddess of love and passion. Then we’ll take you to Aswan airport to catch your flight back to Cairo and check into your hotel. Overnight.
Day 10: Cairo / Final Departure:
After breakfast, take a short walk to the international terminal to board your flight home, your heart full of memories of Egypt’s sights, sounds, and voices.


We have three different categories of accommodation:

Affordable Luxury-Staring from $2,999 USD per person

  • CAIRO: Kempinski Nile Hotel -Garden City (Nile Deluxe Room)
  • CRUISE: M/S Mayfair (Deluxe Cabin)
  • ASWAN: Movenpick Aswan Hotel (Superior Room)
  • CAIRO: Le Meridien Cairo Airport (Deluxe Room)

Golden Luxury-Starting from $4,199 USD per person

  • CAIRO: Four Seasons at Nile Plaza (Nile View Room)
  • CRUISE: M/S Sonesta Saint George (Deluxe Cabin)
  • ASWAN: Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel (Luxury Nile Wing Room)
  • CAIRO: Le Meridien Cairo Airport (Deluxe Room)

Premium Luxury-Starting from 5,399 USD per person

  • CAIRO: Four Seasons at Nile Plaza (Nile View Room)
  • CRUISE: M/S Oberoi Zahra Luxury Nile Cruiser (Luxury Cabin)
  • ASWAN: Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel (Luxury Nile Wing Room)
  • CAIRO: Le Meridien Cairo Airport (Deluxe Room)
Luxury Egypt: 10 days and 9 nights High-end journey to Cairo and the Nile
Luxury Egypt: 10 days and 9 nights High-end journey to Cairo and the Nile
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