Egyptology is the key to understanding Ancient Egypt’s history and culture, which spanned around 4,600 years from ancient times until the Arab conquest. Explore various aspects of Ancient Egypt’s civilization, including language and religion, as well as art, architecture, and social organization. Cairo Day Trip has been collecting research on ancient Egyptian life and beliefs, mythology, and artifacts since 1999 in order to make it freely available to the general people.
Because of Egypt’s lengthy history, Egyptology is a field to study, and one might easily spend a lifetime reading about ancient Egypt, swimming in the ocean of Ancient Egyptian religion, and discovering Egyptian antiquities. Outside of Egypt, approximately 2 million items are on exhibit in museums across the world, continuing to captivate and surprise visitors. Numerous Ancient Egyptian obelisks have been lifted from Ancient Egyptian temples and placed in important city squares. Seeing the world-famous bust statue of Queen Nefertiti in the Berlin museum is a once-in-a-lifetime experience because it all centers on Ancient Egypt and its ambassadors beyond the realm of the Pharaohs.

King Menes and the Unfication Battle

The Battle for Egyptian Unification and King Menes (aka Narmer) Narmer's Palette and Integration of Upper and Lower Egypt: One of the earliest and most ...

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