Private Tour: Cairo Day Trip to Saqqara, Nobles Tombs & the Step Pyramid - 1 Day

Pick up from Cairo hotel. Tour Saqqara, Step pyramid complex of King Djoser, tour Imhotep museum, tour the nobles tombs & Serapeum,  get inside king Titi’s pyramid, and tour king Unas complex.

Day 1
Itinerary Details:

After breakfast at your hotel, Cairo Day Trip tour guide will pick you up and transfer you by our air-conditioned tourist vehicle to Saqqara big site. Start our tour to the museum of Imhotep who was the genius architect and the builder of the step pyramid. Proceed within Saqqara site to the nobles tombs to see the tomb of Kagemni, a high official from the 6th dynasty. The depictions of this tombs show the daily life scenes from ancient Egypt. Continue your tour to the pyramid of King Titi which is one of the most important and beautiful pyramids as all the royal burial chamber are totally covered with hieroglyphic inscriptions. Lunch in a breathtaking farm just outside the entrance of the Sakkara site. After lunch, continue our tour to the Step pyramid complex of King Djoser to see the surrounding wall of the complex, the step pyramid, the house of the south, the house of the north, and the southern tomb of the king’s soul. Proceed to the complex of king Unas the founder of the 5th dynasty to see the remains of the causeway which was connecting this funeral temple with his valley temple as main parts of his complex. The one can still see some amazing hieroglyphics on the remains of the pillars from this causeway. The pyramid of Unas itself is not open for visitors. Transfer you back to your Cairo hotel and drop you off.



Price is quoted per person in USD

Solo 189$

2 ppl 159

3 ppl 139

4 ppl 119

5+ ppl 69

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Private Tour: Cairo Day Trip to Saqqara, Nobles Tombs & the Step Pyramid