Private Tour: Full Day Trip to Dandarah & Abydos from Luxor

Pick up from Luxor hotel/Cruise. Trip to Dandarah & Abydos. Tour the temple of Hathor at Dandarah, and tour the temple of Osiris at Abydos. The trip takes one full day from 8 am to 6 pm.

Day 1
Itinerary Details:

After breakfast at your hotel, Egypt Eco tour guide will pick you up. Start our trip to Dandarah where we explore the temple of goddess Hathor. The temple is one of the very well preserved temples from ancient Egypt, it was built by the Ptolemies around 200 years B.C. After Dandarah temple visit, picnic lunch. Continue our trip to the temple of Abydos which is one of the most beautiful temples from ancient Egypt. The temple still keeps the original colors on the depictions. The most important scenes on Abydos temple are the scenes of the king’s names list as well as the mummification scenes of god Osirus. Abydos Temple was built by King Seti first and it was completed by his son King Ramses II.

Transfer you back to Luxor and then onto your hotel and drop you off.

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